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Business Gets Personal with Logo Gifts of Appreciation

logo gifts
From logo gifts to personal notes, regular customer appreciation activities are an essential part of doing business. Without a doubt, reviews – good and bad – spread fast. Positive word-of-mouth (42%) is even more important than a sale or promotion (34%) when considering what’s most likely to motivate someone to try a new company, according…

Health and Wellness Promotional Products Match Consumer Interests

Wellness Promotional Products
Health and wellness promotional products are strong contenders among the year’s trendiest logoed items. That’s great news for marketers in search of a memorable giveaway that offers people what they value most: practicality. Seventy-seven percent of Americans and 82% of Canadians say the top reason they keep a logoed item is if it’s useful, according…

Four Tips to Choosing the Right Logoed Merchandise for Your Next Event

Logoed Merchandise
While there has never been a shortage of options in logoed merchandise, marketers looking to take their promotions to the next level are seeking an even wider selection with dual- and multi-functionality. A trendy, useful and relevant-to-the-campaign promotional product can add an extra dose of flair to capture attention and build awareness of your products…

Using Promotional Products to Recognize Employees

Using Promotional Products to Recognize Employees
When formal and informal recognition is built into your company culture, it can help you to attract and retain top performers while deepening commitment to your organization. Using promotional products to recognize employees can lead to increased satisfaction and motivation among your team. Consider that companies with effective employee recognition programs enjoy 31% lower voluntary…

Why You Should Consider a Lumpy Mail Promotional Product for your Direct Mail Campaign

lumpy mail promotional product
Nearly 80 percent of consumers say that they will act on direct mail that interests them immediately, while less than half say the same thing about email. Direct mail has strong potential to be a key component to most multi-channel marketing campaigns. According to a survey by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail is the…